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Are Real-Time Alerts actually any different than the alerts I have had in the past?

Yes, there is one major difference: Real-Time Alerts are sent almost instantly when the monitored activity occurs. Previous alerts were sent in batches at programmed time intervals.

Does that mean I will get the Real-Time Alert almost instantly?

We can only control the sending. With Real-Time Alerts, you can rest assured that the notification is sent within a matter of seconds. However, we cannot ensure that your mobile service or email provider will instantly forward the alert to your mobile device or email box. There may be delays in delivery, depending on provider and network conditions.

What types of Real-Time Alerts can I set up?

The Alerts are broken into categories, and each category has individual alerts that can be set up:

Can I cancel or change alerts?

Yes, you can cancel or edit any alert you have set up, at any time you choose. Simply go to Alerts, then Alert Options.

Where can the alerts be sent?

You have three options for alert delivery and your alerts can be sent to any combination of these destinations:

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