What are Enhanced Security Chip & Contactless Cards?

Enhanced Security Chip & Contactless Cards introduces you to all the exciting features of your new card, that are here to make life a little easier and your financial information more secure. Get a firsthand glimpse of how your card looks and how it functions!

How am I protected?

Your new card comes with a variety of security features, from the physical aspects of the card like the CVV code and payment encryption, to system-wide protections that come with your card experience at Farmers Bank. To see a full explanation of all the security features of your card watch our Features video. 

What card features do I have? 

Your new card comes with a wide variety of exciting features!

-Card Controls & Alerts

-Digital Wallets

-Fraud Alerts

If you have any more questions or concerns or would like to learn how to get started, please contact us for assistance!