What is Wire Manager?

The wire manager option is a great tool for sending and receiving money directly from an account at one financial institution to an account at another in a matter of minutes. It’s an essential tool for making payments on tight deadlines and managing all your transfers and their associated details. 

What makes Wire Manager different?

Wire Manager simplifies the process of originating Wire Transfers in two ways. First, it is an integrated part of our online Cash Management system, giving you secure access at any time. Second, Wire Manager offers templates that can be set up for the most common types of Wire Transfers. The templates act as a guide to collect the specific information necessary for many transactions and help you save time

Is Wire Manager secure?

Because it is integrated into your online Cash Management, Wire Manager shares the same state-of-the-art access security as Cash Management. The protection of authorization and encryption of data are fully in place. Wire Transfers are trusted by companies and financial institutions across the country and have safely processed countless transactions.

Does Wire Manager offer cost savings?

For most companies, making or accepting payments through Wire Transfers will provide a number of cost savings. The cost per transaction is lower because Wire Transfers require less manpower - eliminating the writing or opening of paper checks, trips to a financial institution, delays in postal mail and other transactional costs.

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